Coteau Prairie Guarantee

Our guarantee is valid for 26 months from the date of birth.

The dog must be owned by the original buyer.

The dog must not have whelped or sired a litter.

The dog’s AKC/UKC registered name must begin with "Coteau Prairie".

We guarantee the following:

Hips-must be OFA certified

Elbows-must be OFA certified

Vision/Eyes-certified by a licensed ophthalmologist

We guarantee your dog will not be affected by CNM,EIC,PRA and SD2.

In the case of any of these genetic disorders Coteau Prairie will replace the pup with a pup of equal value. At our discretion the dog must be returned to Coteau Prairie. This guarantee will be void if the pup has not been seen by a licensed veterinarian the first five days after picking up the pup or if caused by injury.